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When NUON's technology-infused skincare cap is combined with traditional skincare products, it brings forth a series of revolutionary innovations, offering numerous advantages to users.

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The logic of cosmetics

Evolve your cosmetic products to a higher level with Nuon Medical. Our technical innovations are the logical next step in the evolution of cosmetics to dramatically boost results, backed by clinical trials and proven research.

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Our Metrics Tell the Story

Our metrics give you the inside scoop on your potential success. Enhance your cosmetic products' results with our advanced technology.

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Radiant woman with flawless skin and sunlit rays.


Phototherapy leverages light to rejuvenate skin, offering benefits like enhanced healing and improved tone. It's a versatile treatment suitable for addressing various skin issues.

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Galvanic treatments use electrical currents to enhance skin absorption, leading to improved hydration and ingredient efficacy. It's effective for deep cleansing, reducing wrinkles, and promoting a firmer, more youthful complexion.

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Iron Fibrosis

Iron fibrosis

Iron fibrosis is used for treatments targeting skin fibrosis or scarring. Such treatments aim to reduce the appearance of scars and improve skin texture for a smoother, healthier complexion.

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Electrolysis is a hair removal technique that destroys the growth center of individual hairs with heat or chemical energy, offering a permanent solution to unwanted hair. It's precise and effective for various skin and hair types.

Radiant woman with flawless skin and sunlit rays.


Microcurrent therapy uses low-level electrical currents to mimic the body's natural currents, aiding in skin repair and muscle toning. It's effective for reducing wrinkles, lifting facial contours, and enhancing overall skin health.

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Vibration massage

Vibration therapy in skincare involves gentle oscillations to stimulate the skin and muscles, enhancing circulation. It's beneficial for relaxation, improved product absorption, and promoting a more youthful, radiant complexion.

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Heating / Cooling

Heating and cooling techniques in skincare provide a dynamic thermal experience, using warmth to soothe and relax the skin while cooling reduces inflammation and tightens pores. Depending on the skincare, this enhances product efficacy and offers a refreshing, rejuvenating treatment.

Why nuon?

Backed by a board of scientific researchers, we empower your cosmetics for enhanced application.

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Nuon sets new standards in beauty.

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